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Quality Coverage for Niche Industries

Is there an insurance plan for every industry? Yes, but they are not all the same. That is why you need specialized insurance in Ann Arbor for industries such as home health care and cannabis that are not adequately covered by traditional insurance programs. Source:

Areas of Coverage for Unique Businesses

There are two specific and unique niches that require different insurance than most traditional companies. The first is the cannabis industry that has expanded recently, with farms, distributors, and dispensaries opening and providing medical and legal marijuana to consumers. The second is the home health industry that provides medical and cares services to patients in the home, such as administering medication, diabetes management, wound care, physical hygiene, therapy, and companionship. To provide these specialized services that are distinctive to your industry, your business may need policies that cover the following areas of your practice:

Workers’ compensation
General liability
Commercial property
Equipment repair
Employee crime
Product recall
Directors and officers liability

Specialized Policies for Your Business

The cannabis and home health care industries became popular in recent years, but traditional insurance plans do not necessarily provide the right kind of coverage. That is where specialized insurance in Ann Arbor comes in to help protect your business against various claims.

King Harvest Medical Cannabis Care

What Can CBD Be Used For?

CBD is an essential oil extracted from Cannabis flowers. It has many healing properties and can be used to ease symptoms of various ailments. According to King Harvest Medical Cannabis Care, its use can be a vital part of a holistic approach to patient care. There are many medical uses of CBD.

Methods of Use

As with most essential oils, there are a variety of ways CBD can be administered. There are four typical methods:

Topical application
Oral intake

The method that is most effective depends on the individual patient and what ails him or her.

Conditions Treated

Many different conditions can be treated or prevented by the use of CBD oil. It can act as a neuroprotectant, which makes it useful for preventing or slowing the progression of Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke. CBD also has pain-relieving properties. Cancer patients may benefit from its use during any stage of treatment. The antioxidants in CBD may help prevent the growth of cancer or the onset of age-related illnesses. It works as a gentle relaxation or sleep aid, allowing those with stress disorders such as anxiety to achieve calm without the aid of harsh pharmaceuticals.
Research on the many potential uses of CBD is promising. It can ease the suffering of many people.

employment practices liability insurance claims

Reasons for EPL Claims

When you own a company, you always have your share of risks that you need to consider. Employment practices liability insurance claims are common in every industry. Here are a couple of top claims and why you need coverage.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination may happen when an employer gives one reason for firing an employee but the employee proves it was for a reason protected under the law. For instance, if the firing occurs with a reason listed as poor performance but the worker feels as though it is due to him or her being under a protected class, this may lead to wrongful termination suits.

Hostile Work Environment

A company may be held liable if an employer feels harassed by other employees. Whether this is something that happens physically at the place of work or at any work-related function, if for any reason that the employee feels like he or she is working in a hostile environment, he or she can sue the company.

Even if you feel like your company is innocent of the charges brought against it, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay the court fees associated with it. Legal fees can stack up and on the off chance that you lose the case, you could lose a lot of money because of it. Employment practices liability insurance claims happen to every business. It’s crucial to have coverage.

mortgage bond insurance

Bond Insurance – Mortgages

The average American is unable to purchase a home outright with cash in 2019. As property values have appreciated over time, this is unrealistic and most Americans secure mortgages to move into a new home. Mortgages are paid back over a particular time-frame and allow occupants to remain at home as long as the mortgage is paid on time. The proper payment on mortgages is an essential factor for mortgage bond insurance. A mortgage bond involves the security of a bond based around either a pool of mortgages or one mortgage. These bonds are secured by assets deemed valuable and offer a great deal of protection for prospective investors.

Utilizing Mortgage Bond Insurance

While mortgage bonds are some of the most secure bonds that can be purchased, mortgage bond insurance is still essential to consider. Mortgage bond insurance protects the purchasing property from any liability that occurs from criminal activity. It is difficult to not think of the great recession of 2008 when thinking of illegal activity relating to mortgages. In the event of adverse selection and moral hazard, subprime mortgages tainted the prospect of mortgage bonds for many individuals in the United States of America. With this said, purchasing mortgage bond insurance is still wise in the current economic climate.

insurance marketing brochures

Marketing Insurance Policies

Insurance is similar to accounting in the sense that it is not an appealing topic when the term is brought into a conversation. In the field of business, almost every sector makes sure that accountants have complete control of all of the accountancy duties. Insurance brokers often find themselves in comparable situations because of how professional this industry happens to be. Almost every adult has some form of insurance, but many individuals are not aware of all of the benefits that come with a policy. Insurance brokers can use promotional materials such as insurance marketing brochures to convey the importance of insurance to a mass audience.

Identifying Proper Channels

Nowadays, insurance marketing brochures are more effective in the sense of being interactive over the internet. The return on investment with physical advertisements cannot be calculated because the incoming business could be unrelated to these marketing efforts. However, if brochure packages are emailed to prospective clients, your insurance agency will be able to see click-to-conversation ratios. Observing metrics for your online insurance marketing brochures will allow your agency to tailor marketing efforts, so they are more effective in the future. Also, consumers no longer wish to receive physical information because it is easily lost or tossed into a trash can. With an online marketing campaign, consumers can save the email or content and revisit at a later date.

boat rental insurance

Purchasing Insurance for Boat Rentals

Various industries prosper in warm climates, and this is undoubtedly true for boat renting operations. If you own a boat rental business, you are aware of how kind, warm weather can be to your enterprise. With this said, you also understand that maintenance and other unexpected expenses can undoubtedly take a toll on your budget for either the month or quarter. There is also the possibility of personal injury or theft taking place at your boat rental business. For any of these circumstances, boat rental insurance can potentially cover the majority of your liability. It is always better to have a policy in place for extenuating conditions, so boat rental insurance helps owners in various ways.

Acquiring Watercraft Liability

Many teenagers acquire boating licenses while they are in high school without actually operating a boat. As it stands, the possibility for boat-related injuries is relatively high due to the number of inexperienced boaters there are. Watercraft liability will help protect your business from liability about bodily injuries or damages to property.

Acquiring Premises Liability

The Fourth of July passed recently, and you likely held an event at your boat rental business to celebrate the occasion. Depending on the clientele, it is not out of the question that many of your consumers had a little too much to drink while celebrating. When people are in this state of mind, the likelihood of damaging property raises exponentially. Premises liability is a form of boat rental insurance that protects your property should any circumstance fitting this criterion occurs.

commercial broker insurance

Insurance for All Types of Businesses

No matter what industry your business is in, you need insurance coverage that protects you, your employees and your business. Commercial broker insurance provides policies designed for your business that offer both standard and specialized coverage options.

Products Made for You

Every business faces risks, but some are industry-specific and require customized insurance policies to mitigate those risks. Working with experienced insurance agents means your commercial insurance policy can be based on your needs and provide coverage that lessens the threats you face. There is a range of standard and specialized policies available for your business to choose from, including the following:

  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial auto
  • Inland marine
  • Builder’s risk
  • Liquor liability
  • Products liability

An insurance agent can develop a policy that takes into account your business, your industry, and your needs, so the end result is a tailored policy that provides ample protection. No matter what your risks are, there is a policy that can protect your business in times of need.

Insurance Solutions for Your Business

Whether your business is in a niche industry or a standard one, commercial broker insurance policies can provide the level of protection you need to operate your business safely and without worry. When you’re covered, you can confidently offer your services and products with peace of mind.

miller hanover insurance

How Leadership Impacts the Insurance Industry

In recent years, the leaders of major corporations including the insurance industry have come under question. Many global institutions are continuing to experience the effects of the 2008 Great Recession on trust. The leaders at Miller Hanover insurance strive to think outside the box when it comes to insurance. New leadership models are on the rise to combat this trend.

Influencer Changes

More people seem to rely on their peers rather than executives for information. Companies may need to adopt a more horizontal approach to leadership rather than the traditional top-down approach. Leaders need to continue to provide a sense of direction with clear, direct reasons that incorporate shared values.

Authentic Leaders

An authenticity is now a powerful tool for leaders in the insurance industry. A company that values relationships that are honest with clear communication may do better than those focusing only on traditional means.

Effective Communication

Rarely has effective communication been as important as it is now in leadership. Employees and consumers want information on nearly every decision made. Moving people toward a common goal needs communication that is direct and clear.

Finding a company like Miller Hanover insurance allows your business insurance needs to be met. Effective leadership says a lot about the company you entrust your money with. Make sure they have the qualities you need to move into the future.

car insurance ct

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

If you’ve purchased a new car, then you already know that auto insurance is a must-have. What you may not know, however, is what types of insurance are available to you. When shopping for car insurance CT drivers trust, here are some of your options.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage helps pay the costs related to injuries if you are responsible for an accident. Likewise, it can pay for the property damage involved. These are split into two categories:

Bodily injury liability

Property damage liability

In Connecticut and many states, liability coverage is a requirement.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

What happens if you’re in an accident and the other driver does not have insurance? They may not be able to cover your resulting medical bills! Uninsured motorist coverage helps fill in the gaps.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage helps pay to repair or replace your car. This coverage is valid for accidents with other vehicles and accidents involving objects. While this is normally an optional coverage, you may not have a choice if you lease a vehicle.

Investing in car insurance CT drivers use is a lot easier when you know the types of coverages available and what these coverages protect. With all of the different policies, it’s crucial to have something customizable to your situation.

rooney associates

Insurance You Can Rely On

Acquiring insurance of any type can be a stressful experience. With complicated contracts and dozens of policies to consider, it is no wonder why many American don’t have the right coverage. Thankfully, Rooney is here to save you from subpar protection and expensive rates. Decades of industry history and talented staff make this independent agency the right choice for both individuals and businesses. Here are a few reasons you should start working with Rooney associates today.

1. Personalized Care

In many agencies, you don’t actually come in contact with an employee until it’s time to make a claim. Not at Rooney. Rooney associates handle each case personally and take the time to assess the needs of each and every client. Agents know your case is different from the rest. This approach allows employees to offer you a plan catered to your situation. Say goodbye to unnecessary policies and rates.

2. Proficiency

Rooney provides excellent services and solutions for families and businesses. Whether you are searching for workers’ compensation or for individual auto insurance, Rooney associates can help. This agency also offers employee benefits and surety insurance.

3. Smart Carriers

As an independent agency, Rooney has worked hard to establish relationships with numerous carriers in the area. This allows Rooney associates to bring forth to you lines that are customized and that are at the best prices possible.

Contact Rooney’s office to learn more!