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Making a Start in Investing

Making a Start in Investing

An investment fund is a source of capital that comes from several investors with the intent to purchase individual shares of securities. These funds allow individual investors to choose from a broader selection of options while also enjoying lower fees. There are multiple types of funds, including exchange-traded funds, hedge funds, money market funds, and mutual funds. When purchasing these investment options, it is sometimes possible to choose between lower- and higher-risk investments. This helps the beginning investor protect against serious financial losses while preparing for the future.

Tips for Beginning Investors

Are there other ways to take advantage of investment funds safely? One thing to watch out for is “safe” investments that don’t keep up with inflation or your purchasing power. Instead, look for short-term US Treasury bonds, bond funds, and target-date retirement funds. According to experts at, you can also look into investment fund insurance. Here are more tips for beginning investors:

  • One of the basic rules for beginning investors is to keep an eye on any type of savings investment. If you’re playing it too safe, your investment may not provide any type of return. Even a small but consistent return is better than nothing.
  • Too often, beginning investors want to pull out their money for emergencies. If your investments are too accessible, you won’t end up making money and your retirement options will suffer. Instead, separate your savings investments from your checking account and keep them divided.

Are you confident in your ability to manage your own hedge fund? Sometimes working with a group of more experienced investors is a great way to get started.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Understanding Liability Claims With Employee Benefits

In the current day and age, almost all companies provide benefits to their employees. While all staffing companies don’t offer comprehensive benefits like healthcare, perks like vacation days, sick days, and workers’ compensation all fall under the umbrella of employee benefits. While it might not seem like a high-risk aspect of operating a business, staffing fiduciary liability is a real concern of which to stay mindful.

Types of Claims

As mentioned by World Wide Specialty Programs, there are a number of claims that can be expected in the staffing field. If you provide healthcare to workers, then you might experience a claim for failing to properly maintain the plan dictated in employee literature. Similarly, any problems with payroll and the allocation of employee wages can open you up to a number of claims. Additional claims include:

  • Benefits being denied to eligible workers
  • Errors and omissions related to benefit plans
  • Unannounced changes to benefits that conflict with agreements

Financial Setback

When your business experiences this type of claim, it can be a huge financial setback. To avoid this scenario, it is best to take time to find coverage that keeps you protected from benefit-related issues.

Operating a company in the staffing industry comes with unique requirements. Understand your risks and make the right insurance decisions for the future of your business.

Mariners Insurance

Protecting Your Boat Club

The New York Yacht Club, the Palm Beach Yacht Club and the San Francisco Yacht Club all have something in common with every boat and yacht club in the United States: the need for insurance. Boat club insurance programs, as explained by Mariners Insurance, need to offer a wide range of coverage for activities and potential liabilities that occur both at sea and on land.

At Sea

Insuring boats owned and rented by the club as part of day-to-day operations is a given, but coverage is also needed for activities such as regattas or special event charters.  If your club puts on a regatta with a substantial cash prize, race management errors and omissions insurance can be added as additional protection to your policy. If your club offers a sailing school, there are extra insurance considerations that need to be made including third-party claims for property damage.

On Land

Because boat clubs do not exist solely on the water, there are land-based concerns to take into account when purchasing insurance. Covering grounds maintenance is a priority as is insuring any facilities such as restaurants, offices or storage. Member property in the parking lot and on club grounds needs to be covered as well.

In a perfect world, boat clubs would just be about boating and sailing, but in the real world, boat clubs have an obligation to safeguard lives and assets on their property and in the water.

Nightclub Program Insurance

Protect Your Nightclub With These Essential Programs

Nightclubs provide a unique experience that combines drinks, music, and socialization, draws people and is difficult to reproduce elsewhere. However, these elements also create unique risks that can place your patrons, employees, and establishment in danger. An insurance policy with the right nightclub programs can protect you from these potential problems.

Assault and Battery

The atmosphere created by nightclubs can lead to physical confrontations between your employees against patrons or between patrons themselves. Insurance authorities like point out that nightclub owners can be found liable for these incidents. Specialized assault and battery programs cover injury and property damage to both situations.


Since your establishment serves alcohol, it can lower the clients’ inhibitions, leading to potentially reckless behavior that can harm others, such as fights and drunk driving. The club is liable for any incident involving liquor. An insurance broker can help clear up incidents and resolve settlements appropriately.

Food and Products

Bars and nightclubs usually offer foods and snacks to satisfy hungry clients or accompany their drinks. If these products end up being contaminated and make the consumers sick, your business can be held responsible. Obtaining specific coverage can help you with legal fees and damage mitigation.

Owning and operating a nightclub can be exciting, but also risky. With the addition of dedicated nightclub programs, your hospitality insurance plan can help keep your establishment alive through disruptive incidents.

Liability Coverage

Understanding Your Liability Coverage

When you own a business, you want to make sure you are getting all the liability coverage you need. With so many different policies available, it may be confusing to tell the difference. You need to know comprehensive general liability meaning.

General Liability Basics

The experts at recommend general liability coverage as part of your business insurance package. General liability covers a plethora of risks:

  • Property loss
  • Personal injury
  • Defective products

If your company issued as a result of any of these issues, your general liability policy can cover legal fees and any settlement amounts that extend past the deductible you pay.

General Liability Premiums

The monthly cost of a general liability policy varies according to the risks to which your business is exposed. If you have a history of multiple claims, your premium will be higher than if you have a good track record. If you opt for a higher deductible, you may be able to lower your premium. Your insurance agent can advise you about the most affordable options that will still give you the coverage you need.

Comprehensive general liability can protect you from exorbitant legal fees in the event of a workplace accident that causes property damage or injury to someone other than an employee. It’s important to understand what your policy covers.

U.S. Risk

Preventing Common Welding Injuries

Up until now, science has not found a way to join two pieces of metal without using a lot of heat at the meeting point. That leaves welders exposed to potentially dangerous hazards, including electric shock, toxic fumes, explosions, and more. So, how would you prevent welding-related injuries?

Avoiding Electric Shock

Electric shock can lead to severe injury or death from the current itself or the fall that comes as a reaction. To minimize this risk, workers should do the following:

  • Wear dry gloves that are in good condition
  • Use protection when touching the electrode or bare metal parts
  • Repair insulation before use
  • Ground safely
  • Get basic training

Averting Arc Radiation and Welder’s Flash

Welder’s flash and arch radiation are some of the most common metalwork injuries. While both situations might not be fatal, pain in the eyes and burnt skin will cause discomfort and inevitable downtime. Using a welding hood with the right lens protects your eyes from the “bright lights,” and a welding overall should minimize UV exposure.

This piece is not by any chance exhaustive; there’s a lot more that could go wrong in a metal project. In fact, over 60 people die every year due to welding-related accidents in the US alone, as reported by U.S. Risk. That makes this safety discussion more crucial than ever.

Moody Insurance

Tips for Safe Winter Riding

For many motorcyclists, the motorcycle is their primary modes of transportation. That means despite the temperatures falling and ice on the road, they are on their bike. In addition to having worldwide motorcycle insurance, these tips can help riders stay safe this winter.

Following Distance

One way to decrease the risk of an accident is to increase the following distance behind other vehicles. Slippery ice, cracks in the road or fresh salt decrease tire traction. Additional distance gives you more time to stop. The insurance firm Moody Insurance states that auto liability insurance is a requirement in most states.

Slick Conditions

Try to avoid riding when the weather turns nasty. Falling snow can quickly accumulate on the road creating slick road conditions. Those colder tires have less traction on an already slick surface. Besides heading home when the weather turns, consider carrying a kit to turn those tires into studded snow tires for added traction.

Proper Gear

A motorcycle doesn’t have the protection of a vehicle. No heater to warm those cold fingers or keep your core from freezing. Because of that, it is essential you wear proper gear when out. Layers are your friend when the temperatures drop but be sure the underlayer wicks away moisture.

Having a policy with worldwide motorcycle insurance is one way to protect yourself this winter. These other tips can help make riding more comfortable and safe.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability

MPL as an Added Protection

To protect your company from loss related to errors, omissions, or negligence that arise from claims made against your professional services, you will want to carry a professional liability coverage policy. As found in the information at, those working in printing, publishing, as a mortgage broker, or a travel agent could benefit from this protection in the event of a lawsuit against their company.

Industries Benefiting from MPL

There are hundreds of professions that face these liability concerns, and if you are operating in any of the following services, you may want to consider adding a miscellaneous professional liability (MPL) plan to your arsenal of insurance coverage. This for those in:

  • Information technology services
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Lobbying
  • Multimedia products
  • Process services

This form of coverage is good for those who work in distribution or manufacturing, as it is a way to protect against the financial damages that can arise during claims involving outsourced work, intellectual property, and online commerce transactions.

The realm of professional liability is highly complex, and your business may have unique exposures that aren’t addressed with a generically written policy. You should consult with an agency or broker that is familiar with your industry to give you the best advice on what level of protection you need. Through their help, the underwriting process can specifically address the risks that pose the greatest threat to your company.


Cyber Insurance Needs on the Rise in the New Decade

Completing a cyber insurance questionnaire ensures you have a policy that meets the needs of your business. Before you fill it out though you should know why you need cyber insurance in the first place. Even small businesses benefit from protecting their data both on their network and on the internet.

Data Breaches

Norton estimates that over 4 billion records were breached in 2019. This number is half again as much as 2018 making cybersecurity a must for any business operating on a network. The largest breaches include Capital One, DoorDash, Evite, Georgia Tech, Zoll Medical, FEMA and BioStar 2. This doesn’t include the countless small businesses breached throughout the year that didn’t make headlines.

Network Mistakes

Large corporations have made the mistakes this year as in previous years of simply not securing their networks properly. These unsecured databases account for the majority of data breaches. Small businesses are just as prone to making these mistakes.

Cyber Insurance

As seen on, the questionnaire looks at the business’ risk management strategy, data management, network security and history of cyberattacks. These help the insurance company determine how much risk your business poses and can help them provide the coverage you need should a breach happen.

Complete the cyber insurance questionnaire to see how well you are handling securing your data against a breach. Use this information to obtain the necessary insurance and create a more robust cybersecurity process.

Library Insurance

Changing Communities Is the Library of the Future

Every year the Library Futures Conference is put on by the OCLC’s Americas Regional Council. These conferences focus on helping libraries thrive in a time of great change beyond protecting themselves with library insurance. The latest trend is to focus on how libraries can change communities.

Modern Libraries

As seen on, books are not all that modern library is. With the new focus of acting as community centers and media centers, insurance must accommodate the changing exposures affecting these cultural institutions.

Library Staff

Library staff is as concerned with a work/life balance as younger generations move into the career. Libraries face similar concerns with other businesses around recruiting talented people who revitalize the organizations they are in. Many libraries have responded by providing opportunities for movement within the organization before posting a job listing outside the library.

Collaborative Partnerships

Many academic libraries are seeking collaborative partnerships inside of their institutions to better serve their communities. Engaging with professors and departments helps students understand the valuable resources available on the campus. With a growing online student population, libraries are meeting the demand for online material like never before.

As the industry changes, library insurance is there to cover new exposures and ones of old. Libraries continue to be a place for the community offering people a chance to grow, learn and discover.