Insurance You Can Rely On

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Insurance You Can Rely On

Acquiring insurance of any type can be a stressful experience. With complicated contracts and dozens of policies to consider, it is no wonder why many American don’t have the right coverage. Thankfully, Rooney is here to save you from subpar protection and expensive rates. Decades of industry history and talented staff make this independent agency the right choice for both individuals and businesses. Here are a few reasons you should start working with Rooney associates today.

1. Personalized Care

In many agencies, you don’t actually come in contact with an employee until it’s time to make a claim. Not at Rooney. Rooney associates handle each case personally and take the time to assess the needs of each and every client. Agents know your case is different from the rest. This approach allows employees to offer you a plan catered to your situation. Say goodbye to unnecessary policies and rates.

2. Proficiency

Rooney provides excellent services and solutions for families and businesses. Whether you are searching for workers’ compensation or for individual auto insurance, Rooney associates can help. This agency also offers employee benefits and surety insurance.

3. Smart Carriers

As an independent agency, Rooney has worked hard to establish relationships with numerous carriers in the area. This allows Rooney associates to bring forth to you lines that are customized and that are at the best prices possible.

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