Limiting Liability in the Commercial Laundry Industry

Commercial laundry industry

Limiting Liability in the Commercial Laundry Industry

Commercial laundry is a growing industry. It encompasses coin laundries, dry cleaners, and in-house operations such as those at hotels, spas, and hospitals. Commercial laundry industry caution that liability issues can grow along with operations.

What Risks Do Commercial Laundry Operators Face?

  • Injuries to customers on your premises
  • Equipment breakdown or failure
  • Loss of income resulting from power failure or a natural disaster
  • Damage to buildings caused by flooding from a burst pipe
  • Damage to personal property of customers caused by a machine malfunction

What Are the Best Ways To Limit Liability?

Much like any business, a commercial laundry will need to protect against general liability and carry necessary coverage for workers. You should also take steps to limit your industry-specific liability.

Develop and implement workplace safety and accident prevention plans. Be sure they include proper signage for customers to highlight equipment operation and how to maintain a safe public area. Employees should always receive proper training in equipment use.

Carrying specialty insurance custom-tailored for the laundry industry is an absolute must. This will allow you to replace or repair equipment that is damaged due to power surges, help replace income when you are forced to cease operations for circumstances beyond your control and help cover expenses related to claims made against your business.

Industry leaders expect coin, dry cleaning and other commercial laundry operations to grow in the near future. Business owners and operators should know and implement best practices that can mitigate risk and liability.