Pros and Cons of Truck Ownership

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Pros and Cons of Truck Ownership

If you are lucky enough to own a truck, then you are lucky enough. Having a truck sitting in the driveway is as American as apple pie! Patriotic sentiments aside, a truck is a great investment that provides many benefits to its owner. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of truck ownership:

Trucks are Reliable

Pro: As with any product, everybody favors a different brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Ford, Chevy or Dodge person; American-made trucks are crafted with quality and precision that manufacturers can be proud of. Being insured with Western Truck Insurance adds another layer of dependability to your truck.

Con: All your neighbors can also see how reliable it is, so they ask to borrow it for an IKEA run from time to time. Since you are insured with Western Truck Insurance, this is only a minor inconvenience.

They Were Built for Heavy Use

Pro: Weekend chores are no problem because you are able to transport big loads. The lawnmower, 5 50-pound fertilizer bags and the dog’s kennel all fit comfortably in the bed of the truck.

Con: “Hey, can you help me move?”

Owning a truck comes with all the perks but only some of the hassle. Take those in their stride as you hit the road with the smell of sweet diesel in your wake.